Saturday, July 7, 2018

Windsor Way - Ojibway Butterfly Count July 7

Today I ventured down to Windsor to help out with the Ojibway butterfly count.  I have done this count quite often as there is excellent habitat for interesting species.
Our usual route is Brunet Park, then Spring Garden complex.

While we met at the Ojibway parking lot, many hairstreaks were flying about giving us a good sign that these creatures would be in decent numbers.  They even landed on the cars.

We spent almost 2.5h at Brunet Park where we found a good variety of butterflies.  Hickory hairstreaks were in excellent numbers (~65), as well as Banded.

We did find a couple of Acadian as well.

Oak Hairstreak has been found here on a couple of occasions, and I truly believe there is a small hidden colony here.  We did not come across one today, of course!😒

Around the pond we found a good number of species, including a Dion Skipper and a couple of Dukes' Skippers.

Dion Skipper

We found another under the power line corridor nearby.

A few Wild Indigo Duskywings were here too.

Just before lunch hour, we checked out a spot near Ojibway which harboured an impressive number of Baltimore Checkerspots.  (also lots of Banded Hairstreaks).

We tallied 29 here!😤

Opting for a  late lunch, we moved into the Spring Garden complex and checked out some familiar spots.
Here we found several Edwards', several Coral and another Acadian Hairstreak.

Coral Hairstreak

Edwards' Hairstreak

Acadian at a bad angle!

In a sedgy area, Jeff and I found a couple of Black Dash.

Also, a Broad-winged Skipper which eluded the camera.

At the "hill", we found dozens of Wild Indigo Duskywings, a Dave Martin and Linda Wladarski, and a few more skippers.

At the north end of the complex we checked a usual spot for American Copper and came up with only two.

More Coral Hairstreaks were here as well.

By this juncture, it was time to call it a day and head to Tim Horton's for a late lunch and to tally up.


We ended up with 43 species, which I was happy with.  Swallowtails were almost absent today, and other species were low in numbers, but it was a good day.☺

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