Monday, May 22, 2017

Holiday Weekend Birding

Sunday was a gloomy day, but with lots of birds.  There was a good variety of species and some with large numbers.  Birding was good except for the three hours it rained (of course it had to rain on the weekend!).  We really don't need rain until about August now with water levels as high as they have been in decades in some cases.  The ground is saturated.

Many species of birds were "checked-off" for the year.

Tennessee Warblers were still in big numbers, and more Blackpoll Warblers were present.

I came across a nice Blue-winged Warbler on south point trail.  It was one of the nicer looking ones I had ever seen.

Flycatchers were certainly numerous with many Alder, some Yellow-bellied and of course Olive-sided.  There were several Olive-sided in the park on Sunday with some ordering 3-beers! No photos.

Vireo from Philadelphia

During the rain, we finally caught up with the elusive Cerulean Warbler, singing near the pony barn. It was singing atop the tallest trees, as they often do.

At the VC feeder area was a "Gambel's" White-crowned Sparrow.  A few of these type slip through each year.  Probably a lot get missed though!

The east beach from south point to dog beach has been good for shorebirds lately.  It was a bit windy there on Sunday though.
While waiting out the rain, I saw 17 Whimbrel fly by.

It was steady birding all throughout the park and difficult to leave for home later in the afternoon.  I was just too tired to continue!

Today, Monday, was a different story.  There were few birds to be found.  As per usual this time of year, the birds were on a mission to head quickly north.

American Redstart

However, things started off nicely with a Worm-eating Warbler on Harrison Trail.  Late Sunday, Todd Hagedorn and Reuven Martin found the bird (unseen) singing for a bit.
This was our first stop this morning and the bird was still present in the same location, constantly singing.  I even got a brief look at the bird before it disappeared deeper into the woods.

I did quite a bit of looking around and did not find many birds.  This Blanding's Turtle was treat to see on Harrison Trail.

I was out of the park by 11 a.m. as there was not much point in trying for anything else.
After lunch I went for a walk at Reid CA.  It is not a place for any number of birds, but there were a couple of Blackpoll and Blackburnian Warblers working through the trees, among the resident birds.

As I have mentioned before, Reid is the place to look for butterflies.  There were several Juvenal's Duskywings and some Silver-spotted Skippers.

In just under a month, I will be looking for the Southern Hairstreak!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday Post-May 20

I headed down to Rondeau Park this morning.  Usually on the holiday weekend there are lots of birds around and good variety.  Today was no exception.

Several FOY birds were listed since my last visit last Sunday.  Alder Flycatchers are numerous by this date, and several were singing along south point trail this morning.  A couple of Acadian Flycatchers are around in some usual haunts.
Olive-sided Flycatchers, one of my favourite, were reported but they eluded me today.

Tennessee Warblers were plentiful today, most being identified by their loud and quick song.
Some Mourning Warblers were around, including this one on south point trail.

Wilson's Warblers and Canada Warblers were singing in the low shrubbery as they always do.

Sometimes difficult to get a decent photo!

Lots of Semipalmated Plovers are around at this time.

Cedar Waxwings are plentiful at this time.

This time of year, I always look for Showy Orchis in the park.  I found one plant in bloom.

By noon, I was ready to leave and head over to Hillman Marsh shorebird cell.  Yesterday was a good day there, but of course today was not quite as good.  There were lots of shorebirds of the common kind and they kept leaving the hour I was there!  Nothing new came in.  The White-rumped Sandpiper was still present from yesterday and about 20 Short-billed Dowitchers were nice to watch.

On the way home, I stopped at Wheatley Harbour (beach) and there were lots of shorebirds scurrying along the the shoreline.

While there, a flock of about 30 Whimbrel circled about then headed on east.  I think this was the flock I saw flying while I was on Mersea Rd. 21 about ten minutes earlier.

Shorebirds included a large number of Dunlin and Ruddy Turnstones.

Some Least and Semipalmated Sandpipers were mixed in as well.

Two or three Sanderling were among them.

Some gulls were on the beach as well.

Lesser Black-backed

Sunday will see some rain, but at least there will be a southerly wind, so perhaps some new birds will arrive.