Friday, July 6, 2018

More Lambton County Insects

This afternoon, I headed out to Reid CA.  We finally got a break in the weather and it was quite pleasant, but very windy.  I wanted to see if Dukes' Skippers were out.  The area inside the gate did not reveal any, but the site farther back on the property finally did!  Last year I did not find any at the back site.

Dukes' Habitat

It is much wetter this year, so one really needed boots to make a thorough look.  I found one, somewhat worn right away, but there were one or two others working the sedges.

Appalachian Browns are very plentiful at Reid, and today I noted at least a couple dozen.

Hairstreaks were difficult to find.  It certainly is not a good year for them on my area, but at least the Oak Hairstreaks made a good showing.  I did not find any Oaks today.  A few Banded were swaying in the wind on Indian Hemp, and one Edwards' was back in sedges where Dukes' are usually found.

Great-spangled frits were quiet numerous today checking out the plentiful Swamp Milkweed.

Northern Broken Dash were out in big numbers today at Reid as well as Moore WMA.  Dun Skippers were out too.

worn Peck's Skipper

I checked Moore for dragonflies, specifically Mocha Emerald, but did not see any emeralds.  Perhaps when I have more time I will make an effort to find them.

male Widow Skimmer

Mussel Mess at Moore

For you Boatnerds, it was a sad day in Detroit.  The Bob-Lo boat Ste. Claire burned after sitting idle for many years.  In my youth, we went to Bob-Lo Island amusement park every summer and always took the steamers out of Detroit.

Efforts to restore the Ste. Claire never really materialized over the years, so perhaps it is now out of its misery.

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