Monday, July 9, 2018

Rondeau Butterfly Count July 8

Sunday was the annual butterfly count for Rondeau Park and circle.  The weather was very nice, but the butterflies were not out in the numbers we would like to see.
This count was started in 1999 and I have done all but two.  In 1999 I thought I would give it a try even though I knew very few butterflies.  That year, I recall, was quite exceptional with the number and diversity of butterflies.
All parties remarked on the lack of butterflies this year.  Seems it gets worse every year!  However, we tried our best.
I checked out south point trail and the south end of Harrison Trail, which I have always done since the initial count.
I ended up with 16 species, which is rather sad.  According to my records, 2005 ended up with the same number of species, but I do not recall the conditions that day. I usually end up in the low twenties at least.
Obviously we were in between broods for some species.

There was a lot of Common Milkweed, and Butterfly is doing well too.  The old Dillon Dump is covered in milkweed and it seems to get thicker every year.

This was my best spot for numbers.  Silver-spotted Skippers were plentiful here.

Monarchs are doing well this year, and I saw several.

I came across several Banded Hairstreaks.  All were on the milkweed.

Appalachian Browns were scattered about.

I always get the Northern Pearly-eyes along Harrison Trail.

While I was walking Harrison, the resident White-winged Dove was constantly calling.

Northern Broken-dash were numerous in certain spots.

I came across this sight on a grape leaf along south point trail. 

The next count in our general area is Clear Creek on July 29.

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