Friday, July 13, 2018

Afternoon Walks

I have been checking out some local haunts north of Wallaceburg the last couple of days later in the afternoon.

At Moore WMA I have not yet come across Mocha Emeralds, but they must be there.  Some of the more common dragonflies included Common Whitetails.

male Common whitetail

immature male Common Whitetail

female Common Whitetail

Some Royal River Cruisers were patrolling the area, but never settled for any length of time.

Black Creek

Wild Bergemot is in full bloom and some butterflies have been enjoying it, as well as moths.  I found both Hummingbird and Snowberry Clearwings at Moore.

If nothing else, Northern Broken-Dash is doing well this year.

The odd Delaware Skippers makes an appearance.

While standing at the creek-crossing, I watched a Solitary Sandpiper working the mud.

There was also a couple of Spotted Sandpipers.

Today I was off work a bit early and checked Reid CA.  I went back in to some less-frequented sites in hopes of finding more Dukes' Skippers.  Although the habitat looked good, it was mostly mosquitoes!  I did see a Slaty Skimmer which is somewhat uncommon in the area.

Dukes' Skippers were at the one known site near the "tall oaks".

There seems to be more Swamp Milkweed than Common this year in some spots.  Upon my arrival, I did see a Dukes' Skipper checking out some of the Swamp Milkweed in the open area. 
There were lots of Great-spangled Fritillaries today.

It was a nice afternoon to walk through the woods.

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