Sunday, October 22, 2017

Balmy Birding

Rondeau Sunrise

This weekend has been exceptionally warm.  As a result, there have not been too many birds to look at!  However, this is the type of weather we have to get used to nowadays.
I was off work early Friday afternoon, and went for a walk at Reid CA.  Many of the trees are still green.

I walked through the area where the biggest trees are.  There are some nice trees there, including some large Black Walnut, oaks and maples.

I went to Rondeau Saturday morning.  It was no good for a lakewatch, so I went straight to south point trail.  Warblers included many Yellow-rumped, two Blackpoll, a Pine and Black-throated Green and Nashville.

Some Purple Finches were present, as well as a number of Pine Siskins.

A walk at Peers Wetland in the early afternoon was rather quiet as well.

Some darners are flying.

I went back to Rondeau today, and it was deathly quiet for birds on the trails. I did a lakewatch with Steve Charbonneau first thing, and we noted a fair number of birds.
Shorebirds included several Sanderlings, two Dunlin, a Black-bellied Plover and a Killdeer.

There were a few Common Loons and Red-throated Loons on the move.

I guess the highlight was a Red-necked Grebe motoring southward.

With the warm weather, some butterflies were out.

Eastern Comma

I stopped by Ridgetown Lagoons on the way home and noted lots of geese. A small white one appeared to be a Ross's.  It was there yesterday, but I could not get a definite look at it then.  Lighting is horrible at the viewing stand, but I got it in the scope today.
There was also a Snow Goose present.
Ridgetown is always exceptionally good for geese.

Things will be different next weekend with the cold weather !

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