Sunday, October 29, 2017

Rondeau Rounds

I went to Rondeau Park both Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Saturday was a bit of a washout due to the weather, but I checked things out anyway.
A couple of Fox Sparrows were seen, as they seemed to have come in recently.
A check of Ridgetown Lagoons revealed not a single goose!  A few ducks were there as well as many Bonaparte's Gulls, but nothing of note.
Today was much better weather with a light northerly wind.  It was supposed to be sunny, but that never really usual.  However, the clouds were good for a lakewatch at dog beach.  I arrived much too early ( I am one that cannot sleep in!), but soon things started moving as Steve Charbonneau joined me.
Shorebirds included only Black-bellied Plover (2), Sanderling (10) and Dunlin (8).

Dunlin at Dawn

It was a decent day for loons, as at least 40 Common and 2 Red-throated were observed in 1.5h.
A few Horned Grebes went by, as well as a few gulls.
It was a fairly good day for ducks as many species were seen.

I moved on to south point trail where loads of kinglets and a good number of Yellow-rumped Warblers were moving about.

A couple of tardy Blue-headed Vireos were there too.  I only got a record shot.

Eastern Bluebirds and Pine Siskins were flying overhead.  Some siskins hesitated in various trees.

Eastern Pheobes are the expected flycatcher this time of year.  We always hold hope for something rare though!

I suspect it was a decent day for raptors with the northerly wind.  At one point I spotted a Golden Eagle.  A few Bald Eagles were around as usual.

Bald Eagle with breakfast

Some Purple Finches were heard.
I wonder if any crossbills will make it down this way this fall.  Trees are loaded with cones around here as well.

Rondeau Bay is loaded with ducks, which many came in the last week or so.  Who will get the first Eurasian Wigeon?

I decided to check out McGeachy Pond dike for a change.  It was somewhat quiet today though.

White-throated in the tangles!

Eastern Phoebe
A Common Painted-Lady was flying along the dike.  We sometimes can see these well into November.

Late last fall, it was spectacular there with various late warblers and other good birds.  One wonders what will appear this year.