Saturday, August 19, 2017

Warblers to Shorebirds in the Rondeau Area

This morning I ventured down to Rondeau Park to see what was around.  Things started out quiet, but closer to the shoreline along south point trail, a number of migrant birds were found.  Several warbler species included 8 Blackburnian, 6 Cape May, 2 Tennessee, 2 Black-and-White, a Northern Waterthrush and a Canada.
The lake was fairly active, mostly with Common Terns.  Most were near Dog Beach.

A stop at Blenheim lagoons revealed a good variety of shorebirds.  Most were on the far side of the first two ponds on the right.  The one corner was good for photography where the birds were enjoying the green goop.

A single Wilson's Phalarope was still present.

Some Short-billed Dowitchers were feeding as well.

The Ring-necked Duck was still in place among several other ducks.
The sprinkler cells were bone-dry!

Now that we are well into fall migration, things will pick up.