Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Stork Delivers

Today I decided to aim myself in the direction of Point Pelee in case the Wood Stork from yesterday made another appearance.  I was in no hurry....just as well as there was dense fog in spots this morning.
The skies were very clear and virtually no wind as I arrived at Wheatley Harbour.  There was a chance a stork, pelican (Brown) or some such southern bird could be lurking around.
The only thing of note was the immature Glaucous Gull perched on the rocks.

I stopped by Hillman Marsh in a couple of spots on the way to Point Pelee just in case.

First stop in the park was the tower at the boardwalk.  Nothing of note there.
I decided to walk De Laurier, and along the trail I met Rick Mayos.  We took our time looking at every bird.  We even had a visit with Ross and Sandy Macintosh who came along at one point.
Just as we were to leave De Laurier, I heard the call of an Olive-sided Flycatcher.  It was quite distant, but I called Rick over for a listen.  Soon we heard it again, a bit closer, and eventually it alighted atop a dead branch.

My next walk was down west beach trail in hopes of seeing some butterflies.  Very few of them...again!  There were actually lots of birds along the way though.
I went as far as the Tip parking lot, and decided to turn around since there was no report of a stork.  I was well north of the serengeti tree when I saw an excited message from Jeremy Bensette indicating that the Wood Stork was at the Tip.

Jeremy Bensette could be excited here (photo courtesy Rick Mayos)

Back I went!  (good exercise!).
By the time I got south of the solar panel, other birders pointed skyward.  There it was!

We watched it slowly soar northward out of sight.  Others reported it later over the VC and apparently it even went out over the lake towards Pelee Island at one point.

It was not a lifer for me, but certainly a "Point Pelee" bird. Back in 2001 (9 August-22 September) there were three on Pelee Island which many of us went over to see at Lighthouse Point.  At the time, it was Ontario's 9th record.

This is the second new bird for Point Pelee (Magnificent Frigatebird in early July).  You never know what may be soaring around Point Pelee!



  1. Jeremy's message nearly gave me a heart attack when I got it in the VC...I don't think I've ever ran so fast!

    1. I ran fast too. Just in time to see it soaring.

  2. The strangest thing...I found that golden balloon (or a balloon exactly like that) attached to a fenceline and still hovering with helium on the west side of Cambridge last night. Also, glad you got to see the wood stork!

    1. I guess those balloons travel a long way!