Sunday, August 20, 2017

Mystery Tour - Sunday

Today I had no idea what to look for, so I started heading east.  I ended up at Skunk's Misery first thing.  The weather was great, with no wind.
I first checked the trail off Sassafras Road-one of my favourite stops.  Things were very quiet there as they were elsewhere in the Mosa Forest.  Looks like many of the breeding birds have already departed.  I did have a sighting of Owen Yates and Rob Palin along the trail! (I met them at the Wood Stork event last Sunday).
There was no sign of the White-eyed Vireo that previously frequented the trail.
Next stop was Wardsville Woods.  After a calm and clear night things were still quite damp.  However, a few butterflies were around.

Common Buckeye

Common Painted-Lady

Northern Crescent

Some Common Wood Nymphs were still hanging on.

My next stop was along the Thames River south of Thamesville to look for rubyspots.  This was one thing on the agenda today!  There were many American Rubyspots-most I have ever seen.

I think I did see a couple of Smokey Rubyspots, but it was impossible to get close to them due to the very steep bank.

Smokey Rubyspots can be highly variable, especially in the south.

Ridgetown Lagoons is not good for shorebirds this year, so after a quick look, I headed over to Blenheim.
There were fewer birds than yesterday, but still a good number and variety.  The Wilson's Phalarope may have departed to join its buddies, as it was not seen today.
Some shorebirds of today:

Shy Stilt Sandpiper

Yellowlegs of the Lesser Kind

This sandpiper behind the yellowlegs appears to be a Western!

I looked for insects as well.  I was happy to come across this Variegated Meadowhawk (female).  They are not often seen in these parts.

The other usual were seen such as Black Saddlebags, Halloween Pennant, Green Darner, etc.

On to yet another week......

Cardinal Flower at Wardsville Woods


  1. Glad to see the rubyspots are doing well. Maybe I will get out there this week, and with a bit of persistence (and careful manoeuvring along the bank), get a decent photo.

  2. Thanks for the shout out. Was good in there had an olive-sided flycatcher and a blue-winged warbler, after we saw you.

    1. I was surprised to see you in that neck of the woods! I had a Blue-winged Warbler at the start of the trail.