Monday, August 7, 2017

Civic Holiday Meanderings

Sunday was a nice day so I headed down to Rondeau Park for a walk.  Usually I would see some migrant warblers by this time, but it was rather quiet.
Blenheim Lagoons warranted another visit on the way home.  There were far fewer birds than the previous day, but still lots to look at.

I did see a couple of Short-billed Dowitchers, unlike the day before.  There were at least 3 White-rumped Sandpipers in the sprinkler cells. One had lost a leg somewhere in transit!

A Pectoral Sandpiper with a band on one leg caught my eye, but it was too distant for a photo.  It had a red band on the upper part of the right leg.  I have seen banded shorebirds before, but the Pectoral was a new one.

Bronze Copper

Holiday Monday, I headed towards the Lake Erie shore.  Weather forecast looked a bit better down there than up Wallaceburg way.  It did not matter since the forecast was totally wrong anyway!  It was actually quite a pleasant day with some sunshine.
First stop was Zion Road east of Wheatley.  I saw three Dickcissels during my short visit there.


The lake was rather quiet.

Wheatley had too many tourists as usual, but there were oodles of cormorants and gulls on the lake.  An immature Glaucous Gull was perched on the rocks.  It has been around for some time.  It was half hidden behind a Herring Gull and rather distant so I did not try and get a record photo.

I ventured into Point Pelee for a brief visit and walked De Laurier and part of west beach trail.  There was nothing earth-shattering.

Lance-tipped Darner

On the way back I stopped to walk around the shorebird cell at Hillman.  Highlight was a Fiery Skipper, a FOY!

There were a few other leps including a Common Sootywing and Peck's Skipper.

A Yellow-billed Cuckoo briefly perched on a wire.

I passed through the area of St. Clair NWA on the way home, but did not come up with anything resembling a Cattle Egret.  Seems to be a few of those around this year.  A couple were at Mitchell's Bay June 23 unbeknownst to local birders.

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