Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Cattle Egret Duo

This evening I headed out towards St. Clair NWA.  A few days ago, 2 Cattle Egrets were reported along Townline Road by Tim Arthur.  Not knowing exactly where to look, I headed down Maple Line towards Townline.  There atop the bridge were the two Cattle Egrets showing nicely!

They were not skittish and I practically pulled up right beside them.  I was not able to get the whole bird in the frame!

They then moved towards a small tree beside the drainage ditch.

In recent years, Cattle Egrets have become more regular.  These were perhaps the two that were photographed at Mitchell's Bay June 23 (they do have the same plumage).  But then, who knows!

While in the area I decided to walk at St. Clair NWA rather than sit around all evening.  There was not much to see there, but it was  a nice evening for a walk.

Common Painted-Lady

Along Maple Line there were also 3 Sandhill Cranes.

The Sandhills west of Wallaceburg seem to be increasing, as I saw about 30 early this morning.


  1. I think I'll be getting that way soon...maybe the egrets will stick around.

    Great photos! I wonder if a similar "invasion" to last year will happen again.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Quinten. I lucked out as the egrets were quite co-operative.

  2. Hi Blake--your posting brought a smile ! I, too, went out to Maple Line late
    this afternoon. I first encountered the Cattle Egrets on Townline, on the road
    shoulder perhaps 50 feet from the little old red barn/ pumphouse. They were
    very skittish--so I drove slowly on by. They took flight. After turning my car around at some distance, I went back to relocate them. Now they were on the
    road shoulder of Maple Line, perhaps 300 yards from the bridge ! Again they
    were skittish, so I didn't even go close--just backed my car up.
    I never saw any orange colouring on either bird--but I wasn't close !
    I left the area about 5:15 p.m. Perhaps they will stay a bit longer.

    1. I was worried since a large truck was well ahead of me heading towards Bradley. The truck must have flushed them from the ditch and they then perched on the bridge!