Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday Birding 2017

This morning I headed down to Rondeau Provincial Park. There had not been much of a movement of birds the last couple of days, but it was nice to look around.  I met up with Steve Charbonneau on south point trail and we checked out various locations.
More Ruby-crowned Kinglets were in, and were almost equal in number to its Golden counterpart.
As we headed up Lakeshore Road, we kept an eye out for the resident White-winged Dove.  We found it alongside the road opposite cottage #17168 where it was collecting sticks.

It took the sticks to the top of a stove chimney in a fruitless effort to make a nest to attract a mate.

It did this several times, and was doing it a few hours later when I went by.  I assume the sticks were just sliding off the shiny chimney top!
It seems to like shiny surfaces.

A walk of TTT and SBT did not reveal a Louisiana Waterthrush, but it is likely still around in one of the sloughs.  I guess it only appears on weekdays (non-holidays) !

Rusty Blackbird

We also walked a bit north of the VC along Harrison where a couple of Blue-gray Gnatcatchers and a Pine Warbler have been hanging out the last couple of days.
I only came across 3 Yellow-rumped Warblers in five hours in the park.  There seems to be more farther north, just like last year!  I came across about a dozen at Peers Wetland late Wednesday, the most I have seen yet this year.

I drove around quite a bit afterwards.  One stop was the marsh trail at Erieau where there was very little.  Highlight there was a flyover flock of Lapland Longspur.

Stefina Line produced a couple of Eastern Meadowlarks and a Wilson's Snipe--something that is possible in the dead of winter there!

Ridgetown lagoons produced nothing of note--just a lot of ducks and geese.

Swallow with rough wings

This evening was quite nice so I went for a walk at Stewart Wetland west of Wallaceburg.  A Lesser Yellowlegs was still present and across the way (Walpole Island), an American Bittern was calling.  It was a first-of-year for me.

Tomorrow will be quite balmy, but with the likelihood of rain.  I would expect some migrants to come in.

Easter Phoebe #34

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