Saturday, April 15, 2017

Rondeau to Hillman April 15

I started birding at Rodneau early this morning.  It was rather cold, cloudy and eventually rainy.  I would assume it was the weekend!  There were rather few birds and I did not stay as long as usual.

The White-winged Dove was at its usual location where I found it on the ground, close to the road.

The only warblers were about a half dozen Yellow-rumped and a Pine Warbler (behind maintenance). Apparently there was a Louisiana Waterthrush singing early on just off Rondeau Road, but it remains elusive for many!

During my stay, I got word of some early-arriving American Avocets at Hillman Marsh, so that spurred me on to leave the park.
Just outside the park, the long-staying Ross's Goose was in the field beside McLean CA.

As I headed towards Wheatley, the skies eventually cleared it warmed up for a nice day.  Upon arrival at Hillman, I met up with Garry Sadler and we walked out to the shorebird cell.  The Avocets were still present!

There was a total of 35, and it was nice to see that many at once.  The avocet is my favourite shorebird.  They were not too close and lighting was harsh though for photos.

Paul Pratt came along and I mentioned that it would be nice to see a Black-necked Stilt today.  That was before the seven were reported near Windsor!  I am not sure that there have ever been seven stilts at once in Ontario, so that would be a sight to see.
However, I was happy with seeing the avocets.

Spooked by a Bald Eagle!

It was the best shorebird day so far at Hillman this spring.  There were close to 200 Dunlin among several other species which were first-of-year sightings for me.


Included were up to 38 Pectoral Sandpipers, several Lesser and Greater Yellowlegs, a Spotted Sandpiper and a Least Sandpiper.  I also heard a Black-bellied Plover fly over as I was walking up to the viewing stand.

Josh Vandermeulen was also in the neighbourhood.  He certainly picked a good weekend to come down to Essex County!

I spent almost two hours at Hillman, but had to leave for things to do at home, otherwise I would have spent more time looking around.

Hillman Horned

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  1. Nice Blake! Sounds like a great day...even without the stilts!