Sunday, April 9, 2017

It's Baaack!

We finally had some good weather for a weekend!  However, not as many birds as one would have hoped for.  Yesterday and today (Sunday) I checked out Rondeau Park with Steve Charbonneau and Jim Burk.  We did find some FOY birds though, and best of all was a White-winged Dove this morning.

It was almost comical.  For the past week we had been talking about the White-winged Dove seen at Rondeau the last two summers, and that we were expecting it to return.  After walking south point trail today, we were heading up Lakeshore Road and slowed down at the spot the dove was frequently seen last year.  There it was.

Same spot, same behaviour, atop the black Venza car!

It did not sing at first, but then the characteristic loose rendition of "Who cook's for you" was heard several times.  A message was sent out to the birding community, and of course Jeremy Bensette was on his way to record it for his Big Ontario Year.  I met Jeremy and Emma later on in the morning.

Last year the White-winged Dove was first seen by Steve Charbonneau on May 1.  It was last seen/heard August 14.


In 2015, it was very elusive from 25 May to 5 July.
Will it finally find a mate this year?

We went on to check out other areas of the park, but did not find much of note, especially the lack of a single warbler.

Early morning scene at Rondeau Park

This past week we saw some wicked weather up till Friday with high winds knocking down trees and power lines.  Tons of rain as well.  Friday, ships were anchored in the St. Clair River, something we usually see later in the fall.  They did not want to venture out into the lake!

Indiana Harbor anchored at Port Lambton on Friday
Rivers and creeks were swelled due to the abundant rain.

Black Creek (north branch Sydenham River) at Moore WMA
Lots of Common Loons and Horned Grebes were migrating northward this past week.  Where are those Eared Grebes?  lol.

The odd migrant Yellow-rumped Warblers are trickling through.  I found one at Peers Wetland late Friday, as well as one at Brander Park, Port Lambton on Tuesday.
A check of Peers this afternoon revealed two Yellow-rumped Warblers--two more than all of Rondeau!

I expect tomorrow to bring in an influx of birds since the weekend will be over, lol!

Some other first of year birds included Brown Thrashers and various swallows.  A Northern Rough-winged at McGeachy today accompanied by a Barn Swallow and many Tree Swallows.

Also today at Peers, were two Rough-winged.

Yesterday evening was the annual Lambton Wildlife (Sarnia) dinner at Camlachie.  An excellent meal (only $20.00) was had plus some entertainment that included past LWI presidents talking about the achievements over the years.
On the way, I stopped by the Dennis Rupert Prairie Reserve on Brigden Road north.  This meadow was set aside years ago as it was a spot where Dennis recognized some significant plants.  There are no trails, but the chunk of land is preserved for flora and fauna.

Dennis was a founding member of LWI way back in 1966.


  1. I swear, I miss the WWDO by 10 minutes again this year....

    1. It will probably be there for some time again!

    2. Hopefully it sticks around for the OFO young birders event at the end of April!

  2. Wow, congrats on finding the dove again this year. Hopefully it decides to hang around. I'm hoping to visit Rondeau sometime in May and it would be a great addition to my life list.

    1. Thanks. Hopefully it will stick around for you.