Sunday, November 13, 2016

Some Point Pelee Sightings

A visit to Point Pelee was in order today.  A strong west wind created some action at the Tip, but once again, nothing of note.  Lots of ducks and a fair number of gulls were moving.  I was first to arrive, then was joined by Mike Nelson, Steve Pike, Ian Woodfield and Jeremy Bensette.

Only 7 Common Loons were noted today, along with only a few Horned Grebes.

At one point, a Bald Eagle flew overhead and joined a gull feeding frenzy out on the lake.

Things quickly died out, so I headed elsewhere to look for landbirds.  They were few and far between!  It has been an odd fall with rather few sparrows for example.
I checked out Shuster Trail, and the highlight was an Eastern Phoebe along the east beach.  It was rather shy and kept moving away!

Next stop was De Laurier trail where there were some birds to look at.  Among them, was a flock of Eastern Bluebirds and American Robins near the back.

Quite a few robins were at Blue Heron, but not much else.

There was a Cattle Egret along road E, but I bypassed it and headed over to Hillman Marsh.  I always stop there anyway, but the Red-necked Phalarope was the attraction today.

Other shorebirds included Dunlin and Greater Yellowlegs.
Gyrfalcons must be on the move because a while after my departure, one buzzed through Hillman!

On the way home I stopped by the shore trail at Mitchell's Bay.  A few birds were along the trail and lots of Canada Geese in the field.  Snow Geese have been conspicuously absent this fall!  Not a one!

I have seen some decent birds this fall, but with the lack of certain birds here and there this fall, I can only hope there is much more to come.....

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