Saturday, November 12, 2016

November Gnatcatcher and Other Notables

Sunrise off Rondeau

It was another clear but crisp autumn day.  I decided to head down to Rondeau Park as usual this morning and meet up with Steve Charbonneau and Jim Burk.  The usual routine was in order.

A lakewatch at Dog Beach noted lots of passing ducks, especially Red-breasted Mergansers.  Lots of Bufflehead were on the move as well.  The only scoters were a few White-winged.
There was a fairly good loon movement this morning, so I kept track and counted 73.
Only a few Horned Grebes.  Where are the Eared Grebes?

After things started warming up, we headed down to south point trail.  It is always interesting this time of year to especially seek out late warblers.  We did note one Nashville low in the tangles--somewhat expected this time of year.
A few Yellow-rumped were kicking around, but they were not of the "Audubon's" type.  lol.  One always has to look though.  It was a good year for them in the spring as a few were noted elsewhere.
After the brutal north wind yesterday, one had hopes of finding something of interest.

After the south point walk, Jim and I checked out the campground while Steve headed out to find a Gyrfalcon! Oh well.
The north end of the campground was busy as usual with lots of waxwings, juncos, etc.  Two Chipping Sparrows were in the mix.

Later, I headed over the pier area to seek out the continuing male Eurasian Wigeon that I found two weeks ago. It took some time to find it, but it was there not far off shore.  There is always at least one in this area every fall, so it is rather expected. Scope is usually required to find them.

I went back to the maintenance area and met Jim where we noted a Gray Catbird.  Hope it stays a while!

Next destination was the rail trail at Erieau (AKA marsh trail).  Jim and I started walking and Steve came along behind us.  We were talking about the Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher that Jim found yesterday, and sure enough on the way back, we found it!

There was one here last year that I found as well and it stayed towards the end of the month.

I went on to Blenheim Lagoons and a good number of ducks was present.  Northern Shovelers were quite plentiful today.

Surprisingly, no shorebirds today!

I only saw two butterflies at the lagoons, one being a tattered Cabbage White, and this Common Buckeye.


  1. The mild weather will surely keep a few things around....if it lasts. I wonder where that Gyr ended up? And surprisingly there hasn't been any late or unusual flycatchers around locally. Maybe they are waiting for the CBC.

    1. One wonders when we will find a rarity (flycatcher?) given all the good stuff over in Michigan!