Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Autumn Sights

Sunrise at Stewart

With the time change on the weekend, there is time to look around in the morning!  Monday morning dawned with fog patches.  I parked at the Port Lambton riverfront just before work.

St. Clair River
There was not much in the way of birds.  The resident hermaphrodite female Mallard was swimming around as usual.

There was just enough visibility to see the daily flock of Sandhill Cranes heading east over Walpole Island from Michigan.  I counted 83, which is around the usual number for this time of year.  The numbers vary each day as there are straggler groups.

Tuesday morning I decided to spend the time before work at Stewart Wetland and perhaps see the Sandhill Cranes directly overhead.  I guess they slept in!  I did not see any before 8 a.m.
It was nice and calm though.

Walpole Island

Today  I just parked at the Port Lambton riverfront to see what was around.  It was quite windy out of the north, and a few things were moving.  First bird I saw was a Common Loon heading into the wind.  The first one I have seen in a while there.
A number of Bonaparte's Gulls were moving upriver for a change this morning.

I did see some Sandhill Cranes, numbering over 60.  It is a bit difficult to count them from that distance, but sometimes they cross closer.

After work today, I walked around Stewart Wetland, but not much was going on.  Hooded Mergansers have been swimming around there, and 13 were present today.

The weekdays I am stuck in the shop at work all day......!  New transom in a 30' Chris Craft is the most recent project.  It has been a while since I have done one of these, but it is one of my favourite woodworking projects to do.

October 26

October 31

November 3

It will be ready for varnish tomorrow!

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