Sunday, November 6, 2016

Marsh Meander and Late Leps

Back to Rondeau today!  I had no idea what else to do on this unseasonably warm day, so I joined Steve and Jim for a walk out Rondeau's marsh trail.  We walked the entire trail--something I have not done for a couple of years.  It is about 14 km round trip, so you get a good workout!

Actually I did not catch up to Steve and Jim until farther down the trail, as I had farther to drive to get to the park (that is my excuse).

It was a fine day for a walk under cloudless skies, but no Cloudless Sulphurs were seen nor many birds to look at.  There were lots of American Tree Sparrows and Dark-eyed Juncos.
At least 4 Marsh Wrens were heard.  There was a good number of Marsh Wrens for a change this year at Rondeau.  Some will stick around into winter, especially if this weather keeps up.

Berry of ornamental shrub out marsh trail

Lots of ducks were around and flying over.

Farther out, one can get a look at a mud bar on the Bay.  There was no sign of any shorebirds today.

On the way back, butterflies started showing up. One surprise was a Mourning Cloak high in the air.
Near the start of the trail, Jim spotted a Fiery Skipper.  Certainly one of the latest I have seen.
A few Eastern Commas were seen as well.

After that workout, I had enough energy to check out the north end of the campground.  There were some different birds for the day including some flyover Eastern Bluebirds.
Different mammals included this cat.  It was right where all the birds were!

It has nice markings, but certainly did not belong in the park.

A few Cedar Waxwings were working a Red Cedar.

I checked out Ridgetown on the way home, and sorted through the multitude of Canada Geese.  A couple of cacklers were  present, but nothing stood out.

On a hunch, I checked out Brander Park at Port Lambton before heading home.  Indeed, there was a Fiery Skipper there!

Also this Common Buckeye.

On to another week......

Mergs with hoods

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