Saturday, June 25, 2016

Getting Dusted at Pinery and Skunked at Joany's Woods

Today was the annual Pinery/Port Franks butterfly count.  I have attended most since 2000.  I was in company with Pete Chapman, Paul Carter and Ann White.  Usually I stay within Pinery, but decided today to join Pete Chapman in his usual area.
We found butterflies to be extremely scarce today, but we persevered.  

Great Spangled Fritillery

Milbert's Tortoiseshell

One of the main stops was Joany's Woods north of Sylvan just into Middlesex County.  Usually there are lots of things to see, but it was not to be today.

Joany's Woods

Just into our walk, a momma skunk greeted us along the trail.

Silvery Checkerspots were the most numerous there it seemed.

There was not much else of interest to report.  Birds can be interesting, but even they were scarce today.  Often we see Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.  Blue-winged Warblers are common in the area, and we encountered two.  Red-breasted Nuthatch was heard.
Bobolinks were common in the countryside.

Eastern Tailed-Blue

Near Sylvan, we went into an interesting meadow area, but did not see much.  Our only hairstreak of the day was a fresh Banded at this stop.
An American Woodcock was flushed at one point, but of course too fast for the camera.

Near Sylvan

Since we had to go to the Pinery VC to turn in results, we allowed time to look for Dusted Skipper in a traditional location.  In short order we found two, then another.

It is the only area in Ontario that Dusted Skipper can be found fairly regularly.  By this date, they are nearly done their cycle and rather worn.

It was a hot day!


  1. so where is the traditional spot for the dusted skipper?

    1. We find them in the sandy areas just past the outdoor theatre. We just happened upon them several years ago there, but I am sure there are several places in Pinery to find them.