Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Another Fine Day

Today was one of those perfect weather days--obviously a weekday!.  I went for a walk at Peers Wetland and Stewart Wetland before going into work this morning.

Walpole from Stewart Wetland

There was not really anything of note bird-wise.  A Caspian Tern did fly downriver.  The occasional Caspian is seen this time of year around Walpole.

After work, I headed up to Reid CA in search of hairstreaks.  I saw one right away, but I could not get in a position to get a good photo.  However, it was the Reid specialty, a Southern Hairstreak!

I stayed for a while, but saw no other hairstreaks.

Common Wood Nymphs are now showing.

Silver-spotted Skippers are plentiful at Reid this year.

A Four-spotted Skimmer was nearby.


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