Monday, May 2, 2016

May Begins....

Sunday, I was again at Rondeau Park.  Not much was to be found as the weather was miserable and very few birds.  Naturally, things turned around today since it was Monday!  As usual I had to be at work, so no birding for me.

No Birds-No Birders

It took quite a bit of time to find anything on Sunday as I walked long distances.  Once again, Northern Waterthrushe was the most popular warbler type.  I also heard a Louisiana Waterthrush singing back in a slough.
The best spot seemed to be along Harrison Trail south of the VC, but that is not saying much.  There were 4 Pine Warblers together and 3 Nashville Warblers in another spot, among other birds.

White-throated Sparrows were everywhere as one would expect at this time.

Chipping Sparrows were numerous in the burn areas.  Soon a Clay-colored will be found.

On the way home I stopped at Peers Wetland, and birds were more numerous it seemed. Tree buds are more advanced inland and more food is available.

Eastern Kingbird

Many more Yellow-rumped Warblers were in the small area of Peers compared to Rondeau Park. (I had only 3 at Rondeau!).

More Yellow Warblers as well!

Swallows were numerous, patrolling the wetland in search of food.

Today, nothing had changed in my area, but I expect different tomorrow.

Peers Ring-necked Pair (long-staying)

The month of May is the time for the Great Canadian Birdathon (formerly Baillie Birdathon).  It is a chance to raise some money for bird or conservation projects when birders pick a 24h period to find as many birds as possible.

I have done the Birdathon for many years and direct a portion of the money towards the Sydenham Field Naturalists.  As always, I will be in the Rondeau birding area. Date to be determined.
Anyone who is interested in pledging an amount can contact me for details at email:  boatmannATkentDOTnet

I have already collected a decent amount locally.

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