Saturday, April 30, 2016

Weasel Weather

I got up too early this morning and headed down to Rondeau Park as this bizarre weather continues. It was clear and calm this morning so I listened for Eastern Whip-poor-wills and heard one at the VC.  American Woodcocks were busy as well.

Birding was painfully slow again today.  It was better than the last two Saturdays though since I saw 2 Yellow-rumped Warblers today!  LOL!!!!!  Seems what birds are arriving are going right over.

Northern Waterthrush was the most numerous warbler type as I had 6 today. It was the first bird I saw in the dark, on the road.  That one must just have arrived as it did not move at all.
Other warblers included 3 Nashville, 1 Pine, 1 Black-and-White, 1 Blue-winged and as single Common Yellowthroat.

Pine in a Pine

There were some other  FOY birds including a Least Flycatcher, Gray Catbird and Baltimore Oriole.

The most interesting thing today was the sighting of two weasels on Black Oak Trail.  At first I saw one.

It then went down a hole, and came up with another and they wrestled for a while.

Sunday look more typical of a weekend....cold, windy and rainy.


  1. Catching the weasels in action would be a great highlight for the day. Congrats on being johnny-on-the-spot with the camera!

    1. It was kind of entertaining. I'd like to be johnny-on-the-spot for some good birds!