Saturday, May 7, 2016

Early May Update

Wednesday afternoon I headed down to Rondeau Park for a few days of birding.  First target was the White-winged Dove down Lakeshore Road.  It had just been seen a few minutes earlier by Mike Tate et al. but it took a while to find it again.  A van load of people arrived just behind me which included Denys Gardiner and Bill Lamond et al. and we only got a fleeting glimpse of the bird.  It took almost an hour later, and it re-appeared for some good views.

This bird roams around quite a bit.  Last evening, it was seen out marsh trail!  This morning we heard it calling, but we were on Harrison Trail south of the VC.  It was later seen at points farther north, and late afternoon near the churches!  One active bird.

The dove last summer stayed for several weeks and roamed around.  One wonders if it could possibly be the same bird.

Birding has been painfully slow this year unlike previous years.  Friday was a little better with some new migrants, and today was decent with an obvious influx of migrants. It was nice for a change.
The weather deteriorated by noon and of course a bit of rain came along.  It was only natural since it was the

Thursday morning was clear.  Our highlight was a Red-throated Loon off south point trail.  It was too far out for photos.  Thoughts of getting Rondeau's first Pacific Loon were on our minds, but the Red-throated was nice to get.
Red-headed Woodpeckers are showing up in various locations.

They are always a treat to see since they are so uncommon anymore.

The only known Red-breasted Nuthatch in the park was nearby.

Friday was quite a nice day.  It was fairly warm--something we have not been used to lately.  The winds switched for a while and it was finally calm on the east side.

View at south point trail lookout

There was obviously some new migrants including a few warblers and Least Flycatches, among orioles and grosbeaks.  Warbling Vireos were everywhere plus a couple of Yellow-throated Vireos and a single Philadelphia.

The White-winged Dove was quite reliable on Friday.  I saw it twice, but the photo-op was not good.

Butterflies were out in the warm afternoon sun.

American Painted-Lady

Back on Thursday evening I walked out marsh trail.  Nothing noteworthy, but I could see a Bald Eagle sitting on a nest.

(highly cropped)

At dusk, I staked out the visitor centre area to listen for nightjars.  Three Whip-poor-wills were heard there and another near maintenance.  One always hopes for a Chuck-will's-widow.  It has been a few years since I have heard one, let alone see one.

After a cool damp night, I got up early this morning, but only heard one Whip without trying.  We started out at south point trail and it was obvious we finally had some new birds to look at.  Highlight was a male Prothonotary Warbler near the lakeshore.

A couple of Horned Grebes were on the lake, but the Red-throated Loon did not show until later as seen by others.

The visitor centre area was good for warblerstoday and we spent some time there getting some firsts for the year.  Scarlet Tanagers had finally arrived today as well.

The start of marsh trail was active as well for some warblers, including an Orange-crowned.

A solitary Solitary Sandpiper was still present in a slough near the campground. It has been there at least three days.

More birding to come....!

Eastern Towhee

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