Friday, April 29, 2016

Highlights This Week

Spring migration is slowly moving along as birds are trickling in.  These relentless east winds are not the best and certainly make the days uncomfortable.  It was really miserable yesterday morning!  No big numbers of birds have been reported.  I certainly have not seen many species that I usually see by this date.  Some rarities must be out there to be found!

Locally, I check 3 spots each morning before work.  Peers Wetland continues to be the most productive spot.

Dawn at Peers on Wednesday 

Lots of Yellow-rumped, a few Palm and Yellow Warblers, among others have been present.

Brander Park at Port Lambton has had very little until Wednesday when a few species of warblers were present in the morning.

Stewart Wetland has seen a number of Lesser Yellowlegs, but the spot is not great due to the high water this year.  I finally saw some Caspian Terns this week.

Lots of swallows were present this evening--all the usuals except Cliff.

Koi Hunting!

Savannah Sparrows were along the dike.

Here at home, the highlight this week was a male Cerulean Warbler in the yard Tuesday evening.  I only had brief looks, but good enough to make the ID. Many years ago I had a female Cerulean here.
Today, a White-crowned Sparrow was under the feeder when I arrived home.  It is only the second one I have seen this calendar year.  The other was a  wintering one in Rondeau Park.  They were certainly scarce this winter.

As many migrants have been reported at Rondeau Park (not big numbers), it will be interesting to see what we find tomorrow.

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  1. Blake, the Cerulean is a great yard bird... I would be happy to have that as a Pelee bird. Good birding this weekend!