Saturday, December 5, 2015

Rondeau Revue - Saturday

I headed to Rondeau this morning hoping for a nice bright day of birding.  I woke up to dense fog, but most of cleared before I arrived at the park.  As usual, the weather forecast was wrong and we never saw the sun today despite it being forecast all week!

I stopped by at dog beach first thing where Steve Charbonneau was doing his daily lakewatch.  He got a Purple Sandpiper yesterday at the location.  It was almost a year ago Josh Bouman and I had one near there on the CBC.

I was more interested in checking out south point trail, so headed there soon after.
Birds were scarce, but Jim Burk and I did get a Yellow-rumped Warbler, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Fox Sparrow, White-throated Sparrow among others.  The warbler was good since they are very scarce this year.

Later, a quick stop to look at the lake off the VC, revealed many Horned Grebes.

Just up the road, we looked for the Summer Tanager and soon found it at 17422 on the lawn.

This is the best shot I could manage under the dull lighting.

It flew southward and I found it again at 17388.  This is one of its favourite spots where it feeds on Virginia Creeper berries and wild grapes.

It was neat to see it on the peak of the house, or on the chimney of that cottage.

I have wondered if this tanager is actually a young male.  I have never seen a hatch year male in the fall, and really do not know!  Apparently it is very difficult to tell this time of year.  We will label this one "female-type".

The campground was very quiet today.  I managed to hear a Golden-crowned Kinglet and see a Song Sparrow!

I went off on my own and took a long walk on the beach from the VC to dog beach and back the road.  I was interested in how many Horned Grebes were out there.  Today, I had at least 40 plus the continuing Eared Grebe.

Larry, Curly, Moe

A couple of Red-throated Loons were heading south.  This species has put on a decent showing this fall.  Usually, I am lucky to see one in the fall here!

After a quick stop in Blenheim I headed down to Erieau and walked the first part of the marsh trail.  It too was very quiet, but I did see the two Great Horned Owls roosting in the willows across the marsh.

Earlier, I heard that there were a number of Snowy Owls down Lagoon Road.  I found five of them today.

And, although I did not go into the lagoons, that lame Tundra Swan is still alive.  I assume it was the bird I saw by the fence in the solar panel compound as I drove by.  Not looking good.

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