Sunday, December 6, 2015

Another Crack at Rondeau

Today was more like it.  Very pleasant weather for being outdoors.  I did a different routine today, starting in the campground.  In the winter I usually start there as it is the best spot for birds, but today I decided to check it out first after a brief stop at pony barn area.  A couple of Hermit Thrushes were there, including one trying to sing!

There were more birds today in the campground, but nothing special.  A Ruby-crowned Kinglet was one of the less-common species I found.

The Summer Tanager was atop the chimney when I drove by this morning.

Later, I made a brief stop at dog beach.  It looks like many of the Horned Grebes from yesterday have departed.

South point trail was rather quiet, as it usually is this time of year, but it was a nice walk.  I went further than usual, braving the washout area! I had not been past there since last spring.  It was not the easiest walk, but I was curious about the shoreline.  The scenery sure has changed and seemed completely new to me.

Remnant from the Past Revealed

At the other side of south point trail, there were a few birds to look at including a Winter Wren--the first in a while.

Lake Erie's Hunger

Later, I met Steve Charbonneau for a walk out marsh trail.  I had not been out there in a couple of month at least.  It has been such a windy fall, it was not worth the effort before.
It was rather quiet too, but a number of birds were at the start of the trail, including another Winter Wren.

My only other spot to visit today was Blenheim Lagoons.  There are still hundreds of ducks including upwards of 150 Northern Shovelers. The back pond (5) is really good with mud and water.  Quite a few Green-winged Teal were there among several other species.

Over 1000 Ring-billed Gulls were sitting in the pond with only 2 Herrring Gulls that I could see.

About 300 Canada Geese were in pond 3 and one very small one was with them.  A Cackling Goose.

Very warm weather is forecast this week and even warmer next weekend.  So much for winter!

NOTE:  Rondeau Park will be close this Tuesday through Thursday for deer herd management.

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