Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sandhills, CBC's

The last couple of mornings were rather foggy around here.  Today, it was calm and clear!  With the short days, I have little time to look for birds before going to work.
Stewart Wetland is a nice spot to try in the morning and get birds flying over, or waterfowl swimming in the Snye (Chenal Ecarte).   Hooded Mergansers are often swimming around, or Common Goldeneye.  This morning a Pied-billed Grebe was with the goldeneye.  It is not unusual to have one of these grebes in the Snye to the end of December.  We look forward to getting one or two on the Wallaceburg CBC.
I have often mentioned the Sandhill Cranes.  This morning, the usual flock (spread out) flew over around 07:30 heading to the fields west of Wallaceburg.

The numbers can vary by a few, but this morning I counted 75.  I find it interesting that this group has been doing this same routine for five weeks or more.  They are seen just before the sun comes up.  I know they originate from Michigan, as I have seen them from Port Lambton crossing over.

Christmas Bird Counts are fast approaching.  One wonders what birds will stick around, such as the Summer Tanager at Rondeau. It was seen yesterday for sure and no doubt is still around.
Counts I participate in, include Kettle Point December 19, Rondeau/Blenheim December 20 and Wallaceburg December 27.  St. Clair NWA is usually January 1, and the fledgling Skunk's Misery is January 3.

I will be busy during weekdays all winter with this big project.  A 46' houseboat has come in for total restoration.  So much for slacking off!
It will be heading to Ottawa next summer.

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