Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve (day) at the Stakeout

At noon today, I headed to the steakhouse stakeout.  (I skipped lunch).  I have not really had any time since last Friday to see the Vermilion Flycatcher again.  It was a fine sunny day (but then it is a weekday!) and several birders came to see the bird for Christmas.

Vermilion Flycatcher

It was right in front of me as I arrived.  It never came very close though.  I was hoping to get some decent photos, as was Cherise Charron who was clicking away with her camera.

After everyone else left, I stuck around to watch the flycatcher move about the grounds.
We hope it stays to be counted on Sunday's CBC.  Coincidentally, we always have the compilation gathering and dinner at the very same location!  How cool is that?

The Belgian horses were going about their business as the bird moved about the paddock area.

Afterwards, I went up to Reid CA for a walk.  There was actually a number of birds there to look at.

At home, I had a chance to look at the feeders since I am usually not around during the day.  I have a pair of Red-breasted Nuthatches taking advantage of the seed.  This species is always decent around Wallaceburg, especially for the bird count.  (There is also one at the flycatcher property).

Late this afternoon, I went south of town to check out some of my CBC area before the clouds came in for the weekend.  I found 3 Snowy Owls in one spot!  A wide-angle lens could have captured all three, but only two were able to fit in the view.  They were distant, but two were basically in the same furrow.

Another farther back, was regurgitating a pellet, I believe.

Merry Christmas to all blog readers!


  1. Vermilion Flycatcher should be a slam dunk on the CBC.

    1. It should be! Everything looks favourable.