Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Harlequin

This morning I went out on my annual Christmas Day look at the St. Clair River.  With the unprecedented weather, there was not much to look at.  It is probably the slowest I have ever seen it for ducks for this time of year.  Looks like yet another gull-less winter.  I like looking at gulls, and today I had thoughts of the Ivory Gull I found in 1995. Dream on.....

The highlight today was the Harlequin Duck at the Sombra dock.

I arrived at the site and Rayfield and Donald Pye were already looking for the duck.  We soon found it associating with the Mallards.  (not much else to associate with anyway!).

It has made count week status for the Wallaceburg CBC, and should be around on Sunday.

A few other ducks were around. Most were Bufflehead.

Two White-winged Scoters, annual but rare for the river, were north of Port Lambton.  Too far out though for photos.

"Look at me!"

The other most numerous waterfowl type was, unfortunately, Mute Swan.  I also saw a couple flocks of Tundra Swans on my way up to Sombra.

A Bald Eagle was at Cathcart Park.

A couple of American Robins were at Cathcart Park, but that would not be unusual this year.
I went inland a bit but did not find anything of note.

The Vermilion Flycatcher was still present today, but I did not check it out.  Just as long as it stays for Sunday!


  1. Nice to see that there will be a couple of things of interest on the river for the rain, however, but you are used to that on the weekend:-)!

    1. Indeed. Sunday looks like the worst weather day of the whole week. What's new?

  2. Blake, that harlequin would be a life bird for me! I wish I knew about that last week when I went to the burg! The harlequin needs a red hat! Merry Christmas!

    1. Merry Christmas Dwayne!
      It was not seen for three days after Monday, but I knew it had to be there somewhere.