Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Local Sightings

More Snowy Owls are appearing. I finally saw some this week on my route to and from work along Langstaff Line.  On Monday,  a very white individual was near the SW corner of Langstaff and Forhan.
Yesterday, a dark bird was at the SE corner of highway 40 and Langstaff.

Yet another dark bird was farther east of 40 off Langstaff.
No doubt we should get a few on the CBC this coming Sunday. Nice to have a third winter in a row for so many Snowy Owls!

One that certainly would be nice on the CBC, is the Vermilion Flycatcher.  Apparently it was seen today (Wednesday).  It must be enjoying this unseasonably mild winter.
I have no idea how many have come to see this special bird, but it is in the hundreds.  It is only Ontario's sixth known record (pending OBRC acceptance); many birders needed to see it!
I only had a short time on Friday to see the bird, and no time since!

Sandhill Cranes are still in the area, but I have not seen any since last week.
Yesterday was dead calm at sunset, and was quite nice to walk out at Stewart Wetland.

View over Chenal Ecarte towards Walpole Island

The Harlequin Duck has not been seen since Monday at Sombra.  I made a quick run up there during lunch hour Monday to view the bird.  I guess it is a good thing that I did!
It could still be somewhere on the river and would be another nice bird for the CBC on Sunday. Wallaceburg CBC has never recorded one.
A young male was at this very same location 22 January-7 February 2000.

The weather is far from Christmas-like, so it will be muddy this Sunday.  It will be interesting to see what is sticking around in this wacky weather.

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