Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sandhill Saga

They are still making the daily pilgrimage!  It was a fine morning (obviously a weekday), so I got myself to Roberta Stewart Wetland just before the sun came up.

There were not any ducks around this morning, but soon I heard the sound of Sandhill Cranes.  As they have been for well over a month, the usual course was being taken over Walpole Island.

There were two groups, separated by several minutes.  Total birds this time was 85!  It seems to vary from day to day, but they do not always come over in a single group.

I attempted a little video:

At Peers Wetland east of town, this single male Ring-necked Duck has been hanging out. Yesterday, a female Ruddy Duck was with it.  I just saw the Ring-necked this evening.

A viewing platform will be erected in the near future at Peers.


Sunrise at Stewart

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