Saturday, August 15, 2015

Pelee Visit

I finally got down to Point Pelee today. I had only been there a couple of times since May.  Usually I go to look for butterflies in the summer (and birds), but given the poor butterfly year and the fact I have been a bit busier this summer, I have not had the chance.

I arrived around 8 a.m. and walked the main road to the Tip.  There was not much going on along the road, but more activity south of the solar panel.  Lots of orioles, gnatcatchers, Warbling Vireos and Yellow Warblers were along the shoreline.
Virtually nothing was moving on the lake today!

I soon walked back the trail and out to east beach near the 42 sign.  Near the old concession stand area, there was some activity including a few warblers.  The only ones I made out were a Canada and a couple of Blackburnian.
I noted quite a few different dragonflies (many being Lance-tipped Darners) off Sparrow Field, and in fact there were lots later when I walked up west beach trail....for a change.

Butterfly activity was better than the last visit, but not like we usually see.  Several Giant Swallowtails were out today, and I also saw one Spicebush, one Tiger and one Black.
A single American Painted-Lady was out and about.

Even Cicada Killer Wasps seem to be scarce this year, but one spot had several.

I also walked Shuster and Tilden's Woods, then Cactus Trail.  There was some activity near Cactus Trail as well including another Blackburnian and a Tennessee Warbler among other birds.

A check of NW Beach was virtually a waste of time!

I had lunch with the Renaud's at the 'Red Bus', then headed over to Hillman Marsh.  The trail to the shorebird cell was littered with crescents!  Must have been a good crop recently.
Here is a Bronze Copper I saw at one point.

At the 'woody' area, I came across a Blue-winged Warbler and a couple of redstarts among the common birds.

It was getting too hot, so I headed towards Wheatley.  I had a fleeting glimpse of Rick Mayos along the way beside Hillman, but nothing else.

Since I had not been to Blenheim in two weeks (I guess nothing of note has been seen since), I headed there.
Our pet Tundra Swan was present as usual. (note the wing).

A number of shorebirds were in the sprinklers, including 4 Short-billed Dowitchers.

Sulphurs are finally out in good numbers.

Although nothing exciting was seen today, it was enjoyable.

Here is a Pandora Sphinx Moth caterpillar I found yesterday at Reid CA.  I seem to find these once in a while, maybe since they are so large and obvious.  A rather large creature!

And of course this, which is common at Reid.

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