Thursday, August 13, 2015

Shorebirds 'n Stuff

On my way to Bala a week ago, I stopped at West Perth Wetlands. This place is usually on my route when I head north, so it is always worth a stop.
This time, shorebird viewing was excellent.  Although nothing unusual there, it was a good stop 2h into my journey.
The main cell was prime for shorebirds, and there were lots.

Yellowlegs were most prevalent of course, but there were Least, Semipalmated and Pectoral Sandpipers.  I counted 3 Stilt Sandpipers, a Solitary Sandpiper and 2 Wilson's Snipe as well.

I have never come across anything rare there, but a Marbled Godwit a few years ago was nice to see.
And a few years ago during that 'big' butterfly year, I had Fiery Skippers and a Sachem along the dyke.  There is lots of Spotted Knapweed for butterflies to take advantage.

I will be back that way in September, so hopefully conditions will be good.

Locally, Stewart Wetland has some edge for shorebirds.  I check occasionally but have not seen too much.  Tonight, a couple of Great Egrets were fishing around.

At Peers Wetland, I have not seen the gallinules lately, but they are likely back in where I cannot see them.  Several Green Herons are hanging out and a couple of Black-crowned Night-Herons.

Least Skipper at Peers

Back at Bala, I heard the rattlesnake beside the house showed itself a day or two after I left!  It has been a while since I have seen a Massasauga, so that was a bit disappointing I did not see one on my visit.

A couple of scenes at Hardy Lake Provincial Park:

Glacial Garbage

I found some Cardinal Flower in a creek area.

I think this one is Indian Paintbrush, it was at MacGregor Point.

I saw this small but common plant along the shoreline.  I looked closely and saw that it had a neat little flower.

This weekend looks good for weather for a change, so I hope to be out.  I have not been to Point Pelee much since spring, and maybe that will be a place to go.  The LLB's have been in hiding this summer....

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  1. Yes indeed *most* LLBs have gone into hiding (where the heck are they?), but certainly at least one remains active!