Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Visit With Frankie

A few days ago, a Franklin's Gull was reported and photographed at Wawanosh Wetlands, Sarnia.
It was again found today and I debated whether or not to go and see it.  Since it is only a 45 minute drive from home, why not?
After having supper, I made a beeline for Sarnia.  It was there right near the parking lot!

I had not seen a Franklin's Gull yet this year, so it was a good bird to go and see.

A pretty good record for the area at this time of year!

The Franklin's was actually present last Friday, August 21.  It was inadvertently photographed by a local birder, but this did not come to light until late today!

Yesterday, while I was having lunch at MacDonald Park west of Wallaceburg, the sound of Sandhill Cranes caught my attention.  They were over a field on Walpole Island and I caught sight of a number of them.  I was at a bad angle and quite some distance, but I noticed quite a few.
While not unusual for this time of year here, I found a group of 32 in a usual field along Langstaff Line west on my way home from work.  Perhaps some of the same.

I had seen a few this summer in the area, but these must have just come in.  They were again present today.

I have been checking Stewart Wetland nearby.  Water is high, but the odd shorebird shows up--mostly yellowlegs.  Heron types have been hanging out too.

Yesterday 4 Great Egrets were present, as well as an Osprey overhead and some other birds.

A Virginia Rail has been present the past week or so as well--usually not seen!  However, the keen eye of Sharon Nethercott managed to get a photograph on Sunday.

Some Stewart Swallows

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