Monday, August 24, 2015

Point Pelee Odes, Gnats, Warblers

A visit to Point Pelee was in order for Sunday.  I knew it would be better for birds than the previous week, and I wanted to look for insects as well.
A few warblers were chipping as I got out of the car near the VC.  I walked the main road to the Tip, with a brief stop at Sparrow Field since I could see and hear birds flitting around.  There were already several Tennessee Warblers and Blue-gray Gnatcatchers.
The lake was more active than the previous week, but still a bit on the quiet side.  There was a stiff breeze out of the south which made for some fresh air as two ships passed.

Alpena vs. Robert S. Pierson

On the way to the Tip, a good-sized flock of birds was between the solar panel and Middle Island sign.  The most abundant species seemed to be Tennessee Warbler!

Several more gnatcatchers were present there as well at the very Tip.

At the Tip, some birds attempted to fly off, but returned.  These included gnatcatchers, a few warblers, orioles, etc.

After some time at the Tip, I headed back up east beach to Sparrow Field.  Many of the same birds were present and it was nice to stand in one spot and try to see all of them.

Warbler with chestnut-sides

The next walk was up west beach trail. Several birds were at the lower end, but then things fizzled out.
I kept watch for butterflies and dragonflies, but did not see many until later.

I met Bruce Ripley who was on a quest to see certain species of odes on a three day trip.  Seems he checked off every one!
As luck would have it, I was right near the spot he came across a Striped Saddlebags.  I had already walked past it, but sure enough it was still present.

It was certainly a long shot that he would find a Striped Saddlebags, but there it was, a female!

There were lots of darners, mostly Lance-tipped I presume.

I continued on and checked out Tilden's Woods, then the Cactus Trail area.  Several birds, including lots of flycatchers (mostly Least), were at the Cactus Trail.  Even a White-breasted Nuthatch, which is somewhat uncommon in the park.  I took this photo from a distance.

I had heard one here the previous week as well. (yes, that is where it was!)

I also walked De Laurier, but it was somewhat quiet.

Yellow Warbler

A check of NW Beach (old parking area) revealed my second-only Common Buckeye of the year!

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