Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Today's Insects!

I made a quick stop at Reid CA after work today.  It was a beautiful day, but afterwall it is midweek.
Just after I got out of my car, a dragonfly caught my eye.  This looks pretty unique, I thought.
Turned out to be a Painted Skimmer!

It was not something I was expecting there, but a first for me in Lambton County.

More hairstreaks were out including several Banded.

An Edwards' was in the same spot as Monday, and likely the same individual.  The Edwards' like this spot for some reason as I see them there every year.

Reid is one of the better spots for Edward's due to all the oak trees.  One year I saw over 150 in one day.

I found another Southern Hairstreak.  This one is excellent condition.  I knew it from a distance as this species tends to be more tan in colour than the other hairstreaks.

The tell-tail pattern on the wing is very distinctive.

I was only there less than a half hour, but other than a couple of Gray Commas, I did not see much else.
All photos with the Canon G16.


  1. Good stuff, Blake, especially with the G16.....I hope to get there soon to see a few hairstreaks.

  2. Lol was definitely expecting to see a Sage Thrasher there...