Monday, June 22, 2015

Sunday Pelee Visit and More

I headed to Point Pelee on Sunday.  That was my intention on Saturday until the silly weather put a damper on things.  As usual, the weather forecast was totally wrong again on turned out to be a rather nice day instead!
I first stopped at Wheatley Harbour where all the gulls were sitting on the beach, pier, or docks.  Not much was moving though so it was difficult to pick things out.  Good thing I checked then, as there was not much to see around lunch time.

near-adult bonie

In Point Pelee, I walked to the Tip.  Not surprisingly, there was a lot less activity than the previous week.  However there was enough moving to keep my interest for a while.  A couple of Red-breasted Mergansers heading south were the only ducks I saw.  A number of Bonaparte's and other gulls went by, but nothing of note.  The most interesting thing was a flock of  8 pure-white doves heading north off the west side.  I saw them too late to get the camera on them!
At one point, a Great Egret flew straight in from the south.

Incoming Egret!

I walked back west beach trail, but there were few butterflies and even fewer dragonflies to be seen.

American Snout

Red-spotted Purple

I always check the old parking lot area of NW Beach as well.  I came across a female Eastern Amberwing there.  Halloween Pennants were also present.

I checked the beach area off the old Admin area where there is a good patch of dogbane.  This plant is very attractive to butterflies.  Although there were quite a few Red Admirals, not much else was present. It seems the dogbane has spread since last year.

Another female Amberwing was present here.

Next stop was Hillman Marsh.  As expected, the shorebird cell had been drained and was full of vegetation. (I had to check anyway!).  Sometimes it is good for butterflies this time of year.

Bronze Copper--common at Hillman

Wheatley Harbour was rather quiet when I passed through.

I always check a few of the drainage ditches in Dover Twp on the way home.  I have been seeing quite a few Black-crowned Night-Herons this year.  The ditches are good for heron types and hopefully ibis types too!

Today I got off work a bit early and stopped at Reid CA.  It was a warm sunny day (must be Monday!) and more butterflies were out.  They probably just emerged.  No camera today, but I did come across the first Appalachian Brown, Edwards' Hairstreak, and 3 Banded Hairstreaks. Grey Comma too!  All were extremely fresh.  The Edwards' was probably the earliest I have seen that species.

Just before I got to the gate upon leaving, I saw the first Royal River Cruiser of the season.

old photo--a floater!

Then the clouds took over to signal an oncoming storm.

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