Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sage at Port Lambton

I suppose some of you blog addicts thought I meant Thrasher, but early yesterday I was lucky enough to see the private boat Sage heading north on the St. Clair River.
I saw it coming and knew it looked very familiar.  This was the boat the George and Dave Lee owned for many years and provided local cruises.  Their name for the boat was Hammond Bay.
The Sage spent the past winter in Florida and was heading home for the summer up in Michigan.

I had a bit of time this afternoon and went out to check on the mosquitoes....err...butterflies at Reid CA.  I did not stay long as the mosquitoes had to be the worst I have experienced there.  Even with repellent on it was very uncomfortable!

The same Edwards' Hairstreak was still in its usual area.

A few Banded were around, but that was it for hairstreaks.

Lots of Appalachian Browns are out now.

I saw the first Common Wood-Nymph today, right on schedule.  I did not get a proper photo on this one while trying to swat mosquitoes at the same time!

A few Gray Commas were around.  This is a good area for the species.

Weather looks like a complete joke for the weekend.


  1. Hi Blake---Mosquitoes ??? They were huge; hungry; and horrendous at
    Rondeau today also ! Staff at VC said everyone was complaining about them !
    Staff thought it might be because there was no wind, whatsoever.
    I wanted to be able to hear [at least] the White Winged Dove--but no luck there .
    Couldn't stroll thru' the areas & didn't dare leave your car window open, unless
    driving quickly. Not just mosquitoes--lots of other flying little critters too.
    People bike riding were all bundled up, as if for winter--some fun !

    1. Must have something to do with all this rain...on the weekends! Two years ago it was wet, last year it was wetter, now it is the wettest!
      I am sure the dove doesn't mind the mosquitoes.