Saturday, June 20, 2015

Some Wheatley Gulls

I headed down to Wheatley early this morning.  As usual for the weekend, the weather was horrible (totally different than what was forecast!) along Lake Erie with rain and drizzle.  So much for the promised sunny day...
I spent some time at Wheatley Harbour.  Lots of gulls again!  Bonaparte's were the most numerous of course with possibly 275 or so.

I did pick out one of the immature Little Gulls at one point.
A ghostly Bonaparte's Gull was also present.

There was at least one full adult Bonaparte's that I saw in flight over the channel.  Many of the gulls kept to the beach, but got up once in a while.

The immature Lesser Black-backed Gull was still hanging around.  A bleached out Herring Gull was in the mix.  (I think I saw this one last week as well).

Of course I checked on the Dickcissels as I drove by east of Wheatley. I heard two males singing.

I stopped at Blenheim Lagoons later on.  The Tundra Swan has worn out the back pond and moved to the first pond on the left.

The male Bufflehead continues to swim around.

Besides Mallards, there were 7 Ruddy Ducks.  No shorebirds, but fall migration starts soon.  Ugggh!

I did quite a bit of driving around (what else to do?) but no other Dickcissels were to be found.

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