Sunday, June 28, 2015

Weekend Report: Typical Stuff

Needless to say, Saturday was a complete washout.  Just like clockwork, the  weather deteriorated late Friday for probably the worst possible weather imaginable for this time of year.  There are so many things scheduled this time of year on weekends that depend on decent weather, so no doubt there were countless pissed-off people in this province!
There was the Pinery butterfly count yesterday....NOT!  I did not even try to go, so I drove around endlessly.  I spent an hour at Erieau watching the waves eat more of Rondeau Park, and looked at the few birds present.  The only thing of interest were the 7 Red-breasted Mergansers huddled up on the beach.  We get a few during summer.
There is no point left at Rondeau's tip. Gone!

Lots of birds at Seacliffe Beach in Leamington, but with the torrential downpour and gale-force winds, one could not do much to get a good look.

Today I went up to Pinery anyway!  There was light drizzle off and on at first which I could handle (forget butterflies!), but then it poured.  So much for that idea!

Large Tulip Tree

I first walked Carolinian Trail which I had not been on in many years.

A Hooded Warbler was singing on the part closer to the river.  I eventually came across a Black-throated Green Warbler.

The Black-throated Green are rather uncommon this far south in the breeding season, but sometimes do occur.  I had one at Port Franks in the County Forest last year.

I was going to check out the County Forest as well, but it was still raining a bit when I got to the area.... screw it!

Flycatcher with a great crest

The skies cleared toward Sarnia to my utter astonishment. (Monday came early?).
I walked into the old Blackwell Landfill to check for birds.  A few years ago we had Dickcissels there, but still none this year.  Grasshopper Sparrows are in the solar farm properties and could be heard singing
View from top of the mound for you railfans:

With the sun out, I made a beeline south and took a brief stop at McKeough CA.  There is a good patch of milkweed along the bank.  Only a couple of Banded Hairstreaks.  I had a Hickory here a couple of days ago.  With yesterday's storm, much it if was flattened.
The Grasshopper Sparrow is still singing directly across from the entrance to the CA.

It was a good chance to check Reid with the rare weekend sun.  Lots of Banded Hairstreaks were coming and going.  Many were very fresh with the purplish hue.

The Edwards' was still standing vigil in the same area.

I saw the first Great-spangled Fritillaries of the year today.  This one looked a bit worn though.

There is always a good crop of Appalachian Browns here.

And, another skimmer with paint on it....

Another weekend is coming to a close.  Calm and sunny tomorrow no doubt!

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