Friday, May 8, 2015

May 8 Update: Rondeau Rounds

Spent the last 2+ days making some rounds at Rondeau Park.  Wednesday morning was pretty good after the overnight rain.  Lots of new birds had come in after a crappy Tuesday!  Many year birds added to the list.
I had around 24 species of warblers and the best one was a Kentucky on spicebush trail.  It was late in the day (around 7 p.m.) I decided to put some time in before dusk.  Earlier in the day a woman (name eludes us!) found one on the trail.  We looked later in the morning but it was a no-show.  Sure enough I spotted it in the very same location.

I spent most of the day with Steve Charbonneau.  We have been birding together quite often since 1987, so we have a good routine.  Wednesday we found a Golden-winged Warbler along Rondeau Road which I could not get a decent photo.  They are highly sought after by some!
Rose-breasted Grosbeaks were plentiful as usual.

Magnolia Warblers were numerous, especially at maintenance.  Lots of Yellow-rumped were still around and a few Pine.
Red-headed Woodpeckers have made a good showing at Rondeau this spring, and are scattered throughout the park.

On tulip tree trail, I saw a Prothonotary Warbler pair.  It was nice to see both investigating the nest box, as each one went in and out a couple of times.

That afternoon I walked along the beach south of the light beacon.  I found our beaver, but I thought it was dead.  It was laying on its side on some debris.  However, it was just sleeping!  It saw me and took off.

In the evening, I did the traditional visitor centre watch for woodcock and whip-poor-will.  Around the 9 p.m. the whips started calling, but I only heard three from there.  Another was in the campground throughout the night.

Thursday we awoke to some fog on the east side.

My poor tree!

It turned out to be an extremely slow day for birding.  The lake was almost birdless.  The birds from the day before left and very little came in.  Our highlight was a male Hooded Warbler on the maintenance loop.

I went into Blenheim for lunch and food supplies, then checked the lagoons.  No Baird's.  The only interesting thing was a pair of Wilson's Phalaropes.  They came out of the grass at the first cell.  Maybe they will stay and nest!

In the afternoon I walked out south beach.  We used to do this quite regularly, but it is much too difficult anymore with all the erosion.  There is potential out there, but I will not be doing that again any time soon!
The only interesting thing was all the Great Black-backed Gulls.  I estimated close to 160.

Late in the evening, I looked at a Sedge Wren by maintenance that had previously been found.

In the evening, I did the VC thing again.  Same birds, but added a Black-crowned Night-Heron.

Sunrise to a very hot day

Today was a whole different story.  A lot of new birds came in.  Many different warblers and finally some vireos, as well a Indigo Buntings.  Red-eyed had been virtually absent until today.  Several vireos from Philadelphia also arrived. Lots of Scarlet Tanagers were in as well.

Lots of new warblers including Wilson's and Blackpoll

beginning of the end

I checked out south point first thing.  Interesting birds included a Brewster's and I heard the Chat that had been present for a few days.  Never saw it, but....

Steve and I found a Chat at the north end.

They are certainly scarce anymore and used to be quite regular at Rondeau as nesters.

At the VC feeder, a gambelii White-crowned was spotted.  The white supercilium goes right to the beak in case you did not know.  I never did manage to get a photo though.
Lots of Pine Siskins are still around and we here them throughout the park and see them at the feeders.

We found another Hooded Warbler at Bennett deer exclosure among other warblers.  I did not make it in time for the Worm-eating Warbler that Deryl Nethercott and his friend Rick found on Bennett.

The trees at the start of marsh trail were hopping with birds today. I checked them out around noon, but did not see that Summer Tanager!

Bay-breasted Warbler along Rondeau Bay

More fun on the way....