Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 5 Update: The Fun Begins

Today was a bit quieter in some respects for birds due to the cool damp weather.  We sure needed the rain though as things were getting too dry.
Tomorrow, Wednesday, could possibly be quite good in our local haunts.  I will be starting my time off at Rondeau as usual.  I will be out even if it is raining!  Sometimes birding can be very good in the rain, as past experiences have shown.

Today, there was good movement of Common Loons judging by the reports.  I noticed quite a number moving north at Port Lambton first thing.  Up at Sarnia, well over 200 were seen heading northward during a short period of time.
Also today, a huge movement of swallows was evident.  Hundreds were moving along the St. Clair River, especially later in the afternoon.

I finally saw a FOY Black Tern at Port Lambton.  Often by the first of May they show up in numbers, but are a little late this year.  The area tends to be a good gathering spot for Black Tern as I have seen over 200 at the lagoon area on a couple of occasions in the past in early May.

Then, there is the potential for a White-winged Tern.  Remember May 1991?  I practically saw it from work!  Well, just a minute and a half drive away during my lunch hour.

Shorebirds are now showing up in good numbers.  Several species were at Stewart Wetland yesterday.  Blenheim Lagoons may get something really good soon! One can only hope anyway.

Regarding the Blenheim Baird's Sandpiper (rather rare for spring), the one on Sunday was a third bird compared to the two seen on Friday.  Looking at photographs, there are subtle differences that can be noted. The two were gone on Saturday, then the one showed up Sunday (and the same apparently on Monday).  I looked at the bird on Sunday and could not make it match the previous two!

It has been a while since a Henslow's has been seen at Rondeau.  The park has oodles of habitat, but deer ticks are prevalent there and one does not want to take a chance wandering around.  Of course a HESP could still be seen trailside.
Back in the "early days" we used to wander around quite a bit in the park, but not anymore!

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