Sunday, May 3, 2015

Pointe aux Pins Report May 3

Quite a difference from yesterday!  While the trees were not dripping of birds, a good influx of migrants occurred overnight.  Lots of first sightings for the year.
I felt ambitious this morning and arrived at Rondeau park just before 05:30.  I thought it would be neat to listen for Whip-poor-wills and other species.  The first whip was near Walty's cottage up Lakeshore and two were distantly heard near the VC.  A couple of Great-horned Owls were hooting it up near the VC, and many American Woodcocks were heard along the way.  Other songbirds were also getting an early start to the day.

Steve Charbonneau and myself started on south point trail and found several FOY birds starting with a Wood Thrush.
(And yes, I think that Pine tree is leaning more, lol).
The lake , was very active this morning compared to yesterday with lots of cormorants, ducks, loons and gulls.  Even more Common Loons than yesterday were seen throughout the morning.

Interesting ducks included more Long-tailed and a flock of 14 Black Scoters quickly heading west.

Later we checkout the maintenance area and Harrison Trail south of there.  That turned out to be the best spot in the park today with several different warblers and other birds.  Palm Warblers seemed to be most numerous today (besides Yellow-rumped), but other were mixed in including this male redstart.

A Blue-winged Warbler was along here, and I later came back and refound it.

At one point, Jim Burk and I heard the song of a Prothonotary Warbler, but it was way back in a slough, unseen.  We only heard it a couple of times, but then it got quiet.  I did not bother listing it as I am sure we will get a good look at one soon.

Just before lunch, I went on my own and walked up Harrison to pony barn from Bennett.  It was still quite good for birds.  Another Great-crested Flycatcher was along here.

We also had several Least Flycatchers today.

In 'log pond' there was a Northern Waterthrush (one of several today) and a FOY Solitary Sandpiper. These sandpipers often frequent shaded sloughs in Rondeau.

I also found a male Scarlet Tanager along Harrison.

Palm Warblers were still numerous and I managed to find one of the hypochrysea type.

After that walk I was done in the park!

By 2 p.m., I arrived at Blenheim S.T.P.  Earlier Steve had texted that he had one of the Baird's Sandpipers (or another?).  It took a while but I did find it way in the back of one of the sprinkler cells.

There seemed to be more shorebirds there today, especially Least Sandpipers, plus an early Semipalmated Sandpiper. The Wilson's Phalarope was still present.

I did not check the back ponds as the day was getting on.

Looks like a good week ahead. I will be taking a week+ off starting Wednesday!


  1. Obviously you had a great day, and the birds were cooperative for the camera too. I know how challenging some of those super active and sometimes furtive feathered critters can be, so you had great intuition and timing too.

    1. It was a good day...finally! (relatively speaking). I missed quite a few photo opportunities, but that is the way it goes. Didn't venture off trail in fears of getting "ticked" off!