Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring Stuff at Rondeau

I spent the whole morning at Rondeau today since it was pleasant to be out and about.  Migrants are trickling in and it was a good day to look for them.  Nothing unexpected, but at least the warblers are starting to show up finally!

The first bit of the morning I birded with Steve Charbonneau. A couple of Common Loons were actually first of the year.  Several Ruby-crowned Kinglets were mixed in with their counterpart.

We found the first Yellow-rumped on tulip tree trail.  We also walked spicebush trail in hopes of coming up with a Louisiana Waterthrush, but to no avail.  Perhaps one was along one of the vast sloughs of Rondeau.

A Pine Warbler was heard in a Pine, no less, near the VC.  We never did see it!

I eventually came across six more Yellow-rumped Warblers (four at black oak trail) and two other individuals at log pond.

Dark-eyed Juncos were in good supply today with well over 100 along Lakeshore Road alone.
Tufted Titmice were calling all over the park, so they are doing well.

My first(!) butterflies of the year were near log pond.  Both were Eastern Comma.

As well, a Green Darner was in this locale.

I did a pretty thorough search of Rondeau today. I have not yet been out marsh trail as it has always been too cold and windy and there are still snow drifts.

I quick check of Ridgetown Lagoons revealed nothing of note except a Cackling Goose or two.

Sunday looks better.  What's with the nice weather?  LOL!

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