Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Observations

After work today I went out to Mitchell's Bay for supper.  The very strong wind today kept some birds in sheltered areas.  Tree Swallows were all over the place, but it was the only swallow species I saw besides the FOY Purple Martin sitting on a wire along Angler Line.

A couple of new Purple Martin houses have been erected in the area.  One, which have the gourd type houses, will be at the north end of the parking lot at Dover Beach Park.

The ditch along Angler Line has been dredged.  The only good thing about that is that one can see better into the marsh across from the entrance to the shore trail.  Mostly Ring-necked ducks were visible there.  In past years I have had Yellow-headed Blackbirds there, but not recently.  Those blackbirds should be showing up somewhere (if not already) near here.

Last year they as everyone knows, they were easily seen in the marsh along the road near the end of Angler Line.  That marsh used to be much better for various birds in the past, but has filled in with vegetation.  The phragmites along the road is quite annoying!

Most of the ducks in Mitchell's Bay cleared earlier this week, but lots are still present.

There are a few wet muddy areas in fields, but no shorebirds yet that I can find.  Probably one of the latest springs I have gone without seeing yellowlegs of pecs so far.

It will be cool tomorrow, but much warmer on Sunday.  It looks like the warming trend has finally arrived.
One might wonder why I continually comment on the weekend weather!  Often it is in jest, but I have good reason to do so.  With someone like myself who enjoys the outdoors immensely, I cannot get out during the week to much degree as I have steady Monday to Friday employment obligations. But for whatever reason, the weather seems to go downhill by Friday most of the time.  It has done so most weekends since early last fall!  It is very frustrating to someone like myself and seems to be rather predictable. So there you have it!

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