Sunday, March 15, 2015

Weekend Wanders

Saturday I set out to Point Pelee in the fog.  Unfortunately the fog stuck around all morning so seeing anything at a distance was futile.  Although last weekend was nice, the trend continues with at least one crappy-weather weekend day.
The above photos sums up the morning!

Wildlife was on the run along or near Shuster Trail.

One had to creep(er) along due to the still-present snow and ice.

By mid day the fog was lifting somewhat and it was evident that waterfowl was on the move.  Ducks, geese and swans were on the move!  I looked at this group along Rd. 19, but obviously I had no patience to stay very long.

Not long after I left, a Bewick's Swan was reported here!  No doubt it was there when I was looking but who actually looks for Bewick's in a large flock of swans?  It is by sheer luck that you will find one.  Most of the swans in my photos had their head stuck in the water, so perhaps it is there somewhere.
A Ross's Goose was also nearby, but can be difficult to find in the corn stubble and among the larger birds.

Sunday, I started at Rondeau under gloomy skies.  Sun was forecast today, but as usual we were deceived. It did come out this afternoon though, thankfully.
An early Sandhill Crane was in McLean's field, but that is the only decent bird I saw there.  I spent an hour at Rondeau but got out pretty quick since it was dead as a doornail!

The Bewick's Swan was found again this morning by Steve Pike so I headed west.  It was in a different location, but soon left the spot. Despite many birders looking all morning, it was not seen while I was around.

However, that good spot along Concession Road D yielded much waterfowl. I was in the vicinity when Jeremy Hatt reported a Greater White-fronted Goose.  Shortly thereafter the Ross's Goose was also located in the same spot.

Greater White-fronted (centre) and Ross's butt

Ross's Goose (centre)
Several birders were out today in search of that elusive swan and other good waterfowl.

PDP et al.

I stuck around that area for well over an hour seeing many swans come and go, but none with that yellow blob!

There has not been much yet in the old Dover Township south of Mitchell's Bay.  Too frozen I guess.

waterfowl at location of old Triangle Marsh

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