Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Timberdoodle Time

Photo from the archives. Woodcock banding at Pinery PP.

It is nice that the brutal winter is finally behind us.  It looks like a cool spring, but at least we finally have lots of birds coming in.

This morning I was wandering around the yard just before heading off to work and spotted an American Woodcock resting in the garden.  Looks like it rested there as it had its head tucked back.  Unfortunately I only got a quick photo with the little camera.

Things are on the move and it is time to check some of the local birding spots that were dormant all winter.  Stewart Wetland is opening up and a number of gulls were there yesterday.

Unfortunately, some needed dike work is being done at Stewart for the next couple of weeks, so it will be disturbed.

Many waterways have opened up, but lots of ice still remains.  There is still a thick topping of ice on the Sydenham here in Wallaceburg even though the water level is very high. Hopefully no precipitation until it leaves!

As we know, lots of waterfowl arrived this past weekend.  Blue-winged Teal were reported in many locations for example.  One was at Muddy Creek, Wheatley on Saturday. Other new arrivals at the location included an American Coot and Northern Shoveler.

Sombra's Daldean finally started running on the weekend after more than two months locked in ice.

I also saw the first outboard on the river on Sunday!  Rather dangerous!

Bald Eagles have been feeding on dead ducks lately.  I noticed one on the Snye as I headed to work this morning.  I did not get a photo of that one though.

Here is another quickie photo from Cathcart Park.

Not sure if those white-fronted geese are still around Cathcart, but they were there on Sunday.

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