Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weekend Combo Post

Saturday, the last day of February, I ventured down to Point Pelee.  I did not expect to see much in the frozen landscape and that certainly held true.  I renewed my year pass for Point Pelee at the discounted rate, a far better value than one will ever see with the inflated Ontario Parks system of gate fees!

This Eastern Screech-owl was taking advantage of the morning sun.

On the way back home, I came across this Rough-legged Hawk perched in a tree. Just as I got my camera up, it decided to take off, but I managed some decent photos.

I continued all the way up Essex Rd. 37, and noticed two Snowy Owls near Lakeshore Road 303. They were too far away for any sort of photo though.
Earlier, on the way to Pelee I had seen two other Snowy Owls--one just south of Wallaceburg and another at the corner of Heron Line and Winter Line.  Both were nicely perched atop trees in the morning sun.

Although I took back roads home, I saw very little.  As I mentioned before, many raptors and other birds seemed  to have vacated the area.
So, I continued up to the St. Clair River to photograph ducks.  The sun was out this day for a change, so that helped the mood.

Sunday, the first day of March was a bit warmer, but with a fresh coating of unscheduled snow!  We cannot seem to get two good weekend days in a row anymore.  
Not wanting to go too far today, I headed down to Rondeau.

I had to go the VC feeders three times since a certain accipiter was frequenting the area.

The usuals were present on my third try.  The male towhee was looking good.

The White-crowned Sparrow came in, but seemed to be favouring its right leg.

It was constantly looking upward waiting for seeds to drop from the feeder above.

This shot got four species below one of the feeders.

The female Red-winged Blackbird was still present as well.

Along Lakeshore, a male Red-winged was singing, but we had one there a month ago.
I did check the campground, but it was very quiet.  One wonders how many of those birds, especially the kinglets, have survived.

On way way home I did see a few raptors, especially at Stefina Line.  I wanted to check the creeks that never freeze.  The one on Harwich had a sleeping Black Duck!

There is no open water nearby.  I did however see a flock of 11 Common Goldeneye fly over Rondeau's visitor centre earlier in the day.

This Red-tailed Hawk along Prince Albert Road had found some lunch.

We cannot find much in Lambton either.  The Bird Trax is going to go blank very shortly!


  1. Very nice shots of the Rough-leg especially....I always find them too quick to take off when the vehicle slows, let alone stops.

    1. I got lucky with the lighting and blue sky background on that one. The sun on a weekend makes a difference!