Thursday, March 5, 2015

Roaming, Rough-leggeds and Redpolls

Spring weather still has not arrived, but next week is looking better. A far cry from what it should be, but we need to get rid of all this snow and ice!  There has been terrific frost damage this winter-the worst anyone has seen.  Roads are like washboards.  Roofs have collapsed under the snow load.  We had a bit of a collapse at the marina in the cold storage-a terrible mess to tend to if this winter ever ends.

On another note, I roamed a bit of the countryside this evening on my way to Dresden.  I found two Snowy Owls along Langstaff Line east. The first one was just west of Bridgen road and I am pretty sure it is the one that used to hang out at Kimball Road since I have not seen that one in weeks.
This one was beside the road as I approached, but it flew way off to a tree.

The other is the same one we found on the CBC.  It was just west of Bridgen Road.

I did see a few Rough-legged Hawks as well--all dark morph.  Red-tailed hawks are rather scarce still.
Not sure if any Short-eared Owls stuck around.  I went by Rutherford, but I suspect they left when the deep snow came a few weeks ago.

Redpolls seem to be building up in numbers, at least at my feeder. Yesterday I counted at least 15 just before I left for work.

I see that the ice has opened up a bit at the Sombra ferry dock.  Last week it was almost completely frozen in, but the recent mild weather opened it up again.  Better for the waterfowl!

The weekend is coming up again, so who knows where I will be under cloudy skies.  lol.


  1. Could you please send one of those Redpolls my way?!

    1. They are too busy feeding! Yes, they seem to be scarce in Essex.